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Mycotoxins Rapid Tests

General terms

Terms and Conditions of Sale

All orders placed with GENERON Laboratories Ltd are subject to the acceptance by the customer of the following terms and conditions, excluding any other terms.
All orders placed with GENERON automatically imply the full acceptance by the buyer of all these terms and conditions, including terms reported in the quotation the order refers to.


All orders should be sent in writing via email or fax to Generon, indicating catalogue number quantity and reference quotation.


Prices, quotations and other terms and all statements appearing in GENERON catalogues and advertisements and otherwise made by GENERON are subject to change without notice. The company reserves the right to make changes in design at any time without incurring any obligation to provide same on units previously purchased or to continue to supply obsolete items. The weights and dimensions shown in the sales literature are not guaranteed. Unless specifically provided in writing the prices quoted are based upon manufacture of the quality and types originally specified and are subject to revision when interruption or changes are caused or requested by the customer. All prices do not include VAT. Where taxes must be added to net prices they will be shown as a separate item and shall be borne by the customer.


Products travel FOB destination, packaging included. The merchandise travels at the risk and expense of the contractor, based on the general VAT Law provisions for which the buyer is responsible.

The delivery date is GENERON’s best estimation of the time the material will be shipped from its warehouse and GENERON assumes no liability for loss, damage or consequential damages due to delays.

A charge will be made for shipment as specified on the invoice. Unless otherwise specified GENERON will normally use the best, least expensive surface transportation.

Uncontrollable incidents, for which we are not responsible, e. g. natural phenomena, war, orders of the authorities, embargo, unexpected delays in the delivery of essential components and other materials (“Force Majeure”), shall prolong the delivery time reasonably. This also applies, if these incidents occur during a delay in delivery or at a sub-supplier. However, the delivery time shall be prolonged by a maximum period of two months. Should we also not be able to deliver after this time, then the Buyer as well as we themselves are entitled to withdraw from the contract. Any claims of damages of the Buyer for this reason are excluded. Should we withdraw from the contract, we shall immediately refund the Buyer any and all payments possibly rendered for not yet delivered goods.


Upon receipt of the goods, the buyer must verify nature and quantity. All claims must be made within five days of receipt. No return will be accepted without prior authorisation of GENERON. Returns must be made within 30 days of authorisation.

As far as our lability is excluded or limited, this shall also apply to the personal liability of our representatives, employees and vicarious agents and our liability for them.


All products are warranted to be free of apparent and hidden defects. Generon s.r.l. guarantees the buyer exclusively concerning the quality of reagents and of the components used to manufacture the product. GENERON’s responsibility is limited to the value of its own products. Generon is not responsible and cannot anyway be considered responsible or jointly responsible for any possible damages resulting from the utilization of the product by the user and from the data obtained.


For up-to-date licensing information and product-specific disclaimers, see the respective GENERON kit handbook or user manual. GENERON kit handbooks and user manuals may be available at either or be requested from or your sales specialists.


The payment terms are those set forth by law, notwithstanding specific agreements between the parties. The Company has the right to grant discounts, bonuses and coupons for its products to Clients at its own discretion. The quantity, quality and value of the discounted goods, or goods that are given away or for which coupons are issued, will be in compliance with the original individual contractual conditions. If payment is not received within the terms set forth in our general sales conditions, we reserve the right to charge penalty interest and additional fees.

Property Rights

All goods remain the sole property of GENERON, until the full payment is received. The sale of any product by GENERON does not waive any patent restrictions connected with those products.


Any claims arising from the sale subject to above conditions will be settled before the court of the supplying country. For any dispute, the Court of Modena has sole jurisdiction, including for payments by cashier checks, drafts, money orders, etc


Effective Dicembre 1, 2015 Rev. 0