European Master Distributor



Founded in 1996, EnviroLogix has built on its strong scientific foundation to become an industry leader in the development and manufacture of immunoassay test kits for every link in the worldwide food production chain, from seed to plant to grain handling and processing.

At EnviroLogix, we manufacture on-site every test kit we develop, so we are able to monitor the quality control process from initial test development right through to manufacturing, packaging and delivery to our customers. The management team has years of experience in adherence to both federal and international Quality Management System (QMS) standards and procedures.

EnviroLogix has years of expertise and experience serving customers in a wide variety of Grain handling and storage facilities. Withits extensive knowledge and experience in the grain industry, it assists customers every day with accessing and identifying the optimal solutions to manage risk, ensure a premium product, and deliver quality.


Generon is a young, expanding company specialized in the production and distribution of test solutions for the food and feed industries. Generon biotechnology labs are located in Modena, in the heart of Italian Food Valley, where the enogastronomy is a national art. As food safety specialist Generon creates and select sharp, cost effective and efficient test kits to provide an ever increasingly demanding market with accurate and ready-to-use solutions and meet customers’ needs.

The multi-year experience in the the field of food and safety together with the customer-oriented R&D program and the strong interaction with its partners allow Generon to offer customers optimal solutions, evaluated and singled out to perfectly match the customer specific requirements.

Generon and Envirologix cooperation allows them to achieve the common goal of providing reliable, effective, technologically advanced and easily accessible solutions and at the same time to help customers plan their investments.